We’re currently raising money to fund a refurbishment of our Church Hall.

The campaign is running through December 2021 and January 2022. We are asking people to make a donation or a pledge during this time.

Click on the links below to see a letter from our minister and the fundraising leaflet.

Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Leaflet


Loving God, we give you thanks for your unconditional love for us,
and we pray that we might be able to share that love in the lives of others.

We give you thanks for our church buildings, for the people who built it almost one hundred and fifty years ago and the many people who have maintained it through those years.

We give you thanks that it continues to be a welcoming, joyful place of worship, a peaceful place for private prayer, and a hub for community activity.

We ask for your guidance to maintain and improve the Church Hall,
that it might be a place to be used to reflect your love,
a place where people may come to learn of the love you have for them
a place where they may respond positively to your love.

We ask for your blessing that adequate funds are provided to complete the work.
We ask that you will guide the planners and the builders.

Loving God, we continue to put our trust in you, in all that we do.