A Prayer from the Methodist Handbook used each Wednesday by our Prayer Group.

Loving God
We bring before you in prayer
all those we love, those we struggle to love,
and those we have failed to love.
We ask for your blessing upon all people,
every nation, every colour, faith and creed.
May all barriers be broken down
and all prejudice overcome.
May all hearts come to know and love you,
the one true God,
so we may at last see a world transformed -
Your Spirit within us, guiding us to care for each other,
To lift each other up,
And know your Joy and infinite Peace.       Amen

A Prayer for Arnside

Lord God We know that you love us and love the world.

We thank you for the many blessings that you shower upon us every day.

We place our cares and concerns before you.

We especially pray for the this village of Arnside:

for everyone who lives and works here, and for the many visitors to this beautiful place.

Be close to those who are sick, bereaved, lonely, or afraid.

Enable everyone to know your peace, your comfort, and your love.

We make our prayer in the name of Jesus, who is our risen Lord. Amen.