In these times of Coronavirus when it has not always been possible for us to hold a funeral in church, or the number attending have been limited, we’ve used this page to help us remember people who have been part of the church community and have died.

Derek and Jean Thorpe

Derek was at one time the minister at Arnside Methodist Church. He and his wife Jean retired to the village before moving to Scarborough a few years ago. Derek died in 2018, Jean passed away this summer.

This is a most fitting memorial to the life and work of Derek and Jean.

It is in the east of Zimbabwe near to where Ian Thorpe used to teach.  It is called an Elephant pump so please continue reading to know why.

We remember them from their ministry and retirement in Arnside before they moved to Scarborough opposite the Church where Derek had been a minister. 

Derek was a keen cricket fan especially Yorkshire when they had home grown players like Freddie Truman and Geoff Boycott.  Occasionally he mentioned that from the pulpit.

However his overriding passion was the work of the Pump Aid charity, now the Africa Trust.   He shamelessly admitted to always giving their work a plug wherever he preached.    Pastoral visits gave him another such opportunity.

Whilst teaching Ian had realised the desperate need for clean water and sanitation.  He remembered an ancient Chinese water lifting technique and designed a pump on that principal, which could be hand driven and required easy maintenance.  Ian launched the charity in 1998 with the help of friends and now over 10,000 pumps have been installed bringing clean water to almost three million people.